NFL pre-season Value Bets: Unders in 4 NFL games

I always advocate betting NFL unders for value but in the pre-season it’s even better.   Nobody wants to risk injury or try aggressive offensive maneuvers so the NFL exhibition is a boring waste of time.   Oddsmakers have caught on, sort of, lowering totals from the mid 40s (standard in the regular season) to the high 30s, but it isn’t enough.   Casual bettors think betting over 34.5 is a bargain so you get value going the other way.

Looking at the week 1 board, the four lowest totals are:

34 Car v Buf

34.5 TB v Mi

34.5 NO v Jx

34.5 In v Sea

Go UNDER in all four.   Why the lowest total games?   Even more pronounced.   Expecting four boring dud games, odds are 2+ go under.

Harley Redlick is a successful sports bettor with a passion for improving knowledge in the gambling space.   He has cashed millions in prize money wagering against the OLG and is described as a ProLine Ace by the staff.  He created the Osgoode Hall Professional Development Gaming Law certificate and lectures on sports betting for the program.   Harley writes regularly for Sun Media on issues related to sports betting, published a case study on betting arbitrage for the Ivey School of business, and owns and writes for his own online publication, Sharp Edge Picks.  He has sat on the Canadian Gaming Summit’s sports betting panel twice and recently received Adjunct Professor status at Osgoode Hall Law School for introducing and co-lecturing their inaugural Gambling Law course.

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