ProLine – Value Betting Approach

My name is Harley and I’ve cashed a ton of winning ProLine tickets.

How many?   Here’s a sample of recent winners.   Here’s a few of my previous big ones.

Is it really possible to win at ProLine, an Ontario government run lottery that only pays-out 60% to players keeping 40% for profit (when Las Vegas pays-out 94% and keeps 6%)?

Yes.   But its hard, requires work, and discipline.

How do you win when the odds seem stacked against you?


Any good poker player will explain that tight aggression is the key to winning.   Sports-betting, especially against a lottery is the same way.

Do NOT bet just because its Monday Night Football and you need action.

Do NOT bet just because you won yesterday and feel ‘hot’.

Do NOT bet just because you lost ugly yesterday and feel ‘due’.


Value is the key to the Sharp Edge Approach to sports-betting.

Value comes up in ProLine primarily in 2 ways:

1: The operator (OLG) uses stale/static odds.   This means they set a line and go to sleep.   IF the line moves because of injuries, heavy betting action one way, a potential fix (very rare in North America but who knows), or any other reason, OLG’s line stays constant.   You are in essence betting today’s stocks at yesterday’s prices, and only do so WHEN THERE IS VALUE.

2: Flawed games.   From time to time, OLG will create its own spin-off of a sports-betting game.   They need to introduce new product because many customers are losing 40%+ EVERY BET – and some bad ones have an expected payout sub 20%.   Their new games are often flawed and exploitable like this one.

I will post some specific ProLine picks and articles going forward – check it out and prosper!


need a refresher on the terms?  See our glossary of terms.

need a refresher on the odds and how they work?  See explaining the odds.




4 Comments on “ProLine – Value Betting Approach”

  1. Hey,
    I am just trying to learn a bit to win a bit and I have taken advice from a good friend in Ontario. (I’m in Nova Scotia) I don’t know much, if anything, about teams so I just pick what he tells me to. Problem is he isn’t winning these days. He tells me that Our payout is much better. You can help me in anyway…perhaps some proline pics 😊🤷‍♀️

    1. Proline regular pics coming soon. For now, focus on primarily betting hockey underdogs on point spread +1 or +1.5, usually value. Thx for following.

  2. Loving the tips! I am new to proline ( just started this week…) I’m not doing any big wagers, and I typically bet on MLB because that’s what I know best… Any suggestions you might have for someone like me?

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