Under 49 Raiders-Cinci Best NFL Value Bet

The best value bet in the NFL playoffs is in game one; take under 49 points in Raiders Bengals. I love betting unders as casual bettors hammer the overs and cheer for points. This is especially true in playoff games as millions of fans lay money on the over to watch touchdowns being scored. Sports-books adjust, inflating the total so there is general value on the under wager.

This is especially true in this matchup. The Raiders and Bengals are playoff newbies. Neither team has made it in years. That should make for nerves and conservative football – avoiding mistakes leads to boring, clock ticking, under betting football. The Bengals are the home fave and even though everyone loves their passing game with phenom Joe Burrow, their running game with Joe Mixon is really strong.

49 is an inflated total and betting the under is a solid value bet!

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