NFL Fantasy Selection – TOP TIP

There is ONE piece of sport-betting advice that is BEST applicable to NFL fantasy selections – FOCUS ON GAMES WITH HIGH OVER-UNDERS. If you understand this, you can skip the rest of this article, knowing you have a HUGE EDGE vs your opponents in BOTH season-long AND weekly fantasy. The explanation.   Here are the NFL game odds.   Each game … Read More

The Impact of Betting Lines on Fantasy Hockey

Factoring in both the game total and the game odds when selecting hockey fantasy players will yield improved results. When picking scorers for your fantasy hockey team, it would be helpful to know if 6-7 goals are expected to be scored in a game vs 3-4 as there is a MUCH better chance your player nets 2 in a game … Read More

The Interesting Dynamic of Betting Lines and NBA Fantasy

There are 2 aspects of sportsbook betting lines that have a HUGE impact on NBA fantasy selection: point spreads & game totals. Point spread: the bigger the number means the favourite is more likely to crush the underdog.  I.e., the best teams are 12+ point faves to horrible teams, while two closely matched teams see a spread of 1-6 points.  … Read More

The Impact of Game Totals on Fantasy Baseball

MLB has an INSANE range of scores. Coors (Colorado) regularly has 9-7 ball games and Petco (San Diego) often sees 1-0 nail-bitters. Games with lots of runs scored are very beneficial for your position players and low scoring games benefit your pitchers. Las Vegas and online bookmakers take bets on the total runs expected to be scored in each MLB … Read More