Responsible Gambling Issue in North America

North America has a responsible gambling problem.   Increased sports-betting is going to make it much worse.  I just came back from the ICRG Conference on Addiction and Responsible Gambling held in Las Vegas and I blame academics, regulators, and corporations for the problems. The primary issue is talk of “responsible, sustainable gambling” is nice, but achieving it, like achieving environmental … Read More

Baseball, Blue Jays, and Betting – OH MY!

“Hope springs eternal” (Alexander Pope) Remember this moment! Spring is here after two LONG covid winters. The baseball season starts soon AND the Blue Jays are one of the favourites to win it all. For the first time, lots of casual sports-bettors can place legal wagers with licensed sportsbooks here in Ontario. So…. what are the Blue Jays chances of … Read More

Just how awesome is Rodgers?

So Rodgers is worth 4 wins per NFL season above replacement. To expand and explain the math: the Packers odds to beat the Chiefs were roughly 50-50 at most sportsbooks when the public all thought Rodgers was playing.   Then BOOM – he’s suddenly out with COVID – nothing else changes but the Packers do NOT have Rodgers.   Sportsbooks reset the odds at … Read More

The Value of Rodgers

Rarely can you conduct an experiment to determine value in the real world in real time.   However, we now know EXACTLY the value of Packers Star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The Packers are at the Chiefs and were a small dog and 49% to win the game.   Then, Rodgers was announced out with COVID.   The game was pulled and came back … Read More

The Real Sports Bettor Can Handle Covid

Harley Redlick has been a successful sports bettor for the last 15 years.   He’s a Gambling Law Professor and spoken at both BOSA & CGA on sports betting topics. I was 30 years old and working for the bank when I contemplated quitting my job to play online poker. This was 14 years ago. I had a law degree, an … Read More

Will Trudeau step up to the plate?

Ontario, Canada’s largest province, has leadership fully supporting legalized single sport betting.   However, the Federal Liberals led by Trudeau need to act first. Explained by me for Sun Media online.

Canada Dropped the Ball on Sports Betting

As seen online for Sun Media Canada allows its provinces to run sports betting lotteries but it just dropped the ball on sports betting in a big way and now find themselves behind the USA.  Even though we are usually the more liberal country in terms of legalizing recreational drugs and abortion, our old fashioned sports betting views are about … Read More

Mayweather v Mcgregor – what would you do?

You are in charge of a large LV or online sportsbook.   When Mayweather v Mcgregor is announced you figure a non-boxer going up against the 49-0 all-time champ has almost no shot, but the public likes the dog, so you will ‘sucker’ people by giving them 20-1 on Mcgregor*.   Low and behold people flock to your 20-1 sucker … Read More

Sportsbetting in Canada & Across the Globe

The following lecture summarizes the Sportsbetting market globally and compares it to the Canadian Sportsbetting market.  It was presented at the Osgoode Professional Gaming Law Development Program by Harley Redlick & Jordan Gnat. Minute 49 of the video starts Harley’s explanation of how he exploited OLG’s ProLine inefficiency. Accompanying Power Point/support materials

Las Vegas Casinos – In for TROUBLE!

In an attempt to re-write history and continue growing, Las Vegas casinos have decided to implement skill based games.  You can now bet on your own skills in Frogger.   Applications are also underway for full fledged licenses & games of skill. I understand WHY Las Vegas is doing this – millenials are NOT flocking to casinos and find slots … Read More