Baseball, Blue Jays, and Betting – OH MY!

“Hope springs eternal” (Alexander Pope) Remember this moment! Spring is here after two LONG covid winters. The baseball season starts soon AND the Blue Jays are one of the favourites to win it all. For the first time, lots of casual sports-bettors can place legal wagers with licensed sportsbooks here in Ontario. So…. what are the Blue Jays chances of … Read More

Size Matters – guide to success in March Madness brackets

Women have been lying to men for generations – size matters! And it DEFINITELY matters when filling out your March Madness bracket. The larger the size of the pool, the more dogs or “wild picks” you need to make to have a good chance of success. In the later rounds, adjust your picks based on the size of the pool. … Read More

Under 49 Raiders-Cinci Best NFL Value Bet

The best value bet in the NFL playoffs is in game one; take under 49 points in Raiders Bengals. I love betting unders as casual bettors hammer the overs and cheer for points. This is especially true in playoff games as millions of fans lay money on the over to watch touchdowns being scored. Sports-books adjust, inflating the total so … Read More

NFL Value Bet: Ravens +3.5 vs Bengals

Kudos to John Harbaugh the Ravens coach.   Twice in the last three weeks he played for the win, unfortunately it didn’t pay off and twice Baltimore lost by a point after failed two point conversions at the end of the game.  Because of those losses and being on the road the Ravens are plus 3.5 this week versus the … Read More

The Trouble with Teasers

The Trouble with Teasers Generally speaking, betting teasers is not a good value proposition.* A teaser is a specific type of bet where you get extra points, but must pay extra odds. The most popular teaser is in the NFL, where a 2 team, 6 pt teaser requires the same -110 odds, or VIG as a normal bet.  But, 2 … Read More

When Hedging Your Bets Makes Sense

HEDGING YOUR BETS – 3 TIMES TO DO IT Note: This is part 2.  I previously explained why hedging your bets is usually a bad financial decision. You are usually paying vig/juice/commission twice and are often getting the inferior side of the bet.  In the long run you are paying extra fees for no reason. However, there are 3 situations … Read More

Hedging your Bets – Bad Financial Management

Note: This is part 1. Part 2 explores 3 specific situations where hedging may be prudent  We are all happy to be in the following 2 situations: 1: We bet an NFL team +3.5 and they are up 17-3 at the half and are 6 point underdogs in the second half. 2: We bet a 3 team parlay, won the 1st … Read More

There are NO LOCKS

“Give me a winner” – that’s all the desperate gambler is every looking for.  That one game he can chase to get even and he will NEVER get so stuck again.  Never!!!  Until the next time… We all have friends who hammer super big favourites, especially when they are stuck for the week, figuring they are due to win.  They often … Read More

Its a Loss…. Sweet….

“Dave” was thrilled.  It was Sunday night and he was down $300 for the week betting sports.   Weird.  He was happy being down sports betting?  Was he a glutton for punishment?  Possibly.  But Dave was right to be happy and had adopted the Sharp Approach. Dave was stuck $900 Sunday morning as a few strong hockey plays didn’t go his … Read More

Additional Commandment of Sports Betting

The Sharp Approach – Setting Your Own Point Spread and Tracking Line Movements During the Week To break even (and possibly turn a small profit) as a sports bettor you must at least follow my 5×2 Commandments of Successful Sports Betting. 1a: Thou shall focus on winning money, not games 1b: Thou shall focus on the long term 2a: Thou … Read More