Do NOT let others Place Your Bets or you LOSE!

If you ask a friend to push a slot button on your machine when you put in the money and it wins – who gets paid?   YOUR FRIEND.

Seems insane?   You risk the money, they just push the button on your slot, but they are deemed the rightful winner.

The logic – “Pressing the spin button is really the act of making the wager,” Legato says. “If I put a chip on the hard 8 spot on a craps table, I’m the one paid if it hits. If I take the Raiders and the points at the sports book, I’m the one paid if they cover. Pressing the spin button is making the wager on a slot machine.”

For reference, Legato is Frank Legato, editor of Global Gaming Business magazine and his logic is correct.

Still can’t believe it?  Ask Jan Flato.   It cost him $100k – SICK!

Whether you think this rule makes sense or not, consider it a WARNING – do NOT be Jan Flano II.   If you risk YOUR MONEY and want to get paid, YOU role the dice, place the bet at the sports book window, or push the slot button.

NOTE: Jan’s friend was Marina Medvedeva Navarro –  a hot chic.  BUT, I got to question Marina’s logic in ‘taking’ the $100k.   A sharp girl could do MUCH BETTER than $100k.   What rich or powerful person would EVERY TRUST Marina again?!


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