The Impact of Betting Lines on Fantasy Hockey

Factoring in both the game total and the game odds when selecting hockey fantasy players will yield improved results.

When picking scorers for your fantasy hockey team, it would be helpful to know if 6-7 goals are expected to be scored in a game vs 3-4 as there is a MUCH better chance your player nets 2 in a game ending 5-3 v 2-1.  Conversely, when picking a goaltender, low scoring games tend to produce better results.

How can we tell which games are most likely to generate a ton of goals?  The total amount of goals expected to be scored in a hockey game is a popular Las Vegas bet.  It is called the total or o/u (short for over-under).  Some NHL games have o/u as high as 7+ and some are as low as 4.   Here is the link for DonBest odd’s for totals in NHL games:  If the o/u is 5 or less, its expected to be a low scoring game.   6 or higher is very high scoring.   Using these lines will increase your chances of success in fantasy hockey.

There is a significant impact to picking players playing for the favourite in the NHL. In the NBA really strong teams win approx 90% of games vs really weak ones.   In MLB, with very few exceptions, both teams are at least 35% to win the game.   The NHL is in the middle.   The top 1/3 of the league, at home wins approx 70% of their games vs the bottom 1/3.   In these spots, the game line is important.   Whenever you pick players from a team who are -165 or better, the team is winning 60% of the time.  If they are -250, they are almost 70% to win.   Picking players on these teams improves your chances of scoring more goals and improves your fantasy selection odds.

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