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Baseball, Blue Jays, and Betting – OH MY!

“Hope springs eternal” (Alexander Pope)

Remember this moment! Spring is here after two LONG covid winters. The baseball season starts soon AND the Blue Jays are one of the favourites to win it all. For the first time, lots of casual sports-bettors can place legal wagers with licensed sportsbooks here in Ontario.

So…. what are the Blue Jays chances of winning the World Series? The odds vary, big time, depending on the sportsbook, which is why sharp bettors have multiple accounts. Below is a sample of six sportsbooks and the Blue Jays odds to win the World Series:

Betway 9-1

FanDuel 8.5-1

Score 8.5-1

PointsBet 8-1

Bet365 8-1

OLG 6-1

In other words, a $100 wager on the Blue Jays at Betway produces $900 of profit or $1k back to you if the banner flies north of the border come October. However, a $100 wager on the Blue Jays at OLG only produces $600 profit, or 33% LESS.

However, do NOT assume because Betway’s price is better than OLG’s you just bet at Betway always. It depends on the team and game. You ALWAYS need to lineshop. For example, if you like the Dodgers (or Astros) to win the World Series OLG is offering 6-1 (11-1) vs Betway’s 5-1 (9-1), or about 20% MORE.

Different sportsbooks have different odds depending on their geography, risk management profile, and a host of other reasons. As a consumer, the best steps to profit off of this are:

-open accounts and maximize bonuses at a ton of different sportsbooks

-lineshop, check the odds, especially for futures at a lot of shops and EXPLOIT line errors/off market prices

-stay disciplined and focused on your best bets and bet within your means

IF you do the above, sportsbooks WILL cut you off or reduce your limits and then you will KNOW you are sharp!

Best of luck and oddsmakers think the Blue Jays are winning the World series about 10% of the time, not bad in a 30 team league – GO BLUE JAYS GO!


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Last modified: March 17, 2023