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Bowling for Underdog Dollars

Bowl season starts this weekend. There are a ton of games and the value is on the big underdogs with the moneyline. What does that mean? Bet big underdogs to upset the favourites and get paid out 3-5x your money when it happens. Below are seven such bets the first weekend. Win any two of the seven and turn a nice profit!

Middle Tennessee State (Friday)

Northern Illinois (Friday)

South Carolina State (Saturday)

UTEP (Saturday)

UAB (Saturday)

Eastern Michigan (Saturday)

Utah State (Saturday)

Why bet these underdogs? They are clearly inferior teams. However, bowl season has a number of great things going for the underdog:

1 – weird matchups. Bowl season pits teams and conferences that do not play each other. When betting a big underdog, volatility is your friend. If one conference is pass happy, how do they adjust to a run happy team they aren’t use to dealing with? If it blows up against you and you lose 40-0, who cares, but when it works in your favour and you get paid 3-5x your bet – that’s amazing!

2 – disappointment for the favourites. Most of the favourites were the better teams with higher aspirations. They are disappointed to be playing in inferior bowls, especially the first week. They care less. The underdogs are playing their “super bowl” and while they may be in over their heads, they will play their hearts out. Effort counts for a lot in football.

3 – focus on next season and moving on. Many star players are done their careers and eyeing their next move, as are coaches. This is true for all teams, but again volatility is your friend. If your start lacks focus, who cares if you get crushed, you are betting a dog, but when the other team lacks focus, your payday is 3-5x your investment.

Bet Middle Tennessee State (Friday), Northern Illinois (Friday), South Carolina State (Saturday), UTEP (Saturday), UAB (Saturday), Eastern Michigan (Saturday), and Utah State (Saturday). Seven moneyline bets. Win 2 of 7 and turn a solid profit!

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Last modified: March 17, 2023