Kawhi is Toronto’s Third Legend

Sunday night Kawhi did what every kid dreams about – he hit a buzzer beater in the deciding game so his team could win it.   It is rare.   Kawhi’s buzzer beater was the first in a game 7 in NBA history.

However, Toronto sports fans are blessed.   Twice previously in the last 30 years, we’ve walked off as winners in the final, winner take all game of a playoff.   Do you remember when?   Not Joe – his was a game 6 walk-off.

Nikolai Borschevsky scored for the Maple Leafs in OT in game 7 in Detroit to win a playoff series in 1993, our 1st playoff series win in over 5 years.

Edwin Encarnacion walked off the Orioles with a blast to left to advance in the 1 game playoff in 2016.

As for the flip side, Toronto had to suffer a horrid walk-off loss – May 2013, the Bruins cameback from 4-1 down in game 7 to win in OT.

Still, 3/4 is pretty good and Kawhi’s 4 bouncer is something we will remember for a long time!



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