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Toronto Sports Resurgence

Toronto plays professionally in 4 North American sports – MLB, MLS, NBA, and the NHL. The playoffs started in the NBA & NHL, Toronto is playing in both. The season is just underway in MLB & MLSE, Toronto made the playoffs in BOTH SPORTS last year.

That’s 4 for 4! 4 teams, 4 sports, 4 playoff appearances – in ONE SEASON CYCLE! How rare is that? How many other cities can boast this? There are ELEVEN* competitors, with at least 4 teams in the city/area. 10/11 CANNOT BOAST ANYTHING nearly as strong

10 Major Cities and their Struggles:
Detroit (all teams struggling)
New York (lots of teams and still, all their basketball teams stink and their MLB teams both missed the playoffs).
Philadelphia (76ers, Phillies, and Eagles all struggling)
Tampa/Orlando area (all teams struggling)
Miami (Marlins mediocre, Panthers missed playoffs in NHL this yr)
Chicago (Bears & Fire stink, Bulls mediocre)
Denver (Rockies & Avalanche struggling)
Minnesota (Twins & T-wolves struggling)
Dallas (Mavericks & Stars struggling)
Houston (Astros solid but missed playoffs last year, Dynamo stink)

We all KNOW THE EXCEPTION – Boston. What a 15 year run! Led by Brady & Belichick’s 5 rings. Along with that the Red-Sox (2004, 2013), Celtics Big 3 (2008), and the Bruins (2011) all won league titles. Kudos to them. But, technically they are only 4/5 based on our scoring system as their MLS team, the New England Revolution, just missed the playoffs last year.

While Boston may be the sports city of champions, Toronto sports is consistently producing playoff calibre teams in all sports, making the whole calendar year exciting!

*The hardest area to count is California because of the sheer number of teams. Northern California is a mixed bag. G-St rocks, but the Sac Kings stink. The Sharks made the Stanley Cup finals, but the Earthquake missed the playoffs. The Raiders look good but are bolting and the 49ers are in disarray. The Giants are strong in baseball, but the Moneyball A’s stink.
Southern California is also a mixed bag. The NFL teams are weak (Chargers & Rams), but the Galaxy made the playoffs. MLB is mediocre as both the Angels & Padres stink but the Dodgers are solid. The NHL & NBA are splits (Ducks/Clip strong, Kings/Lakers not).
Overall California has some strong clubs and some weak ones, but nowhere near the overall consistency of the Toronto sports franchises.

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Last modified: March 18, 2023