The Real Sports Bettor Can Handle Covid

Harley Redlick has been a successful sports bettor for the last 15 years.   He’s a Gambling Law Professor and spoken at both BOSA & CGA on sports betting topics. I was 30 years old and working for the bank when I contemplated quitting my job to play online poker. This was 14 years ago. I had a law degree, an … Read More

Kawhi is Toronto’s Third Legend

Sunday night Kawhi did what every kid dreams about – he hit a buzzer beater in the deciding game so his team could win it.   It is rare.   Kawhi’s buzzer beater was the first in a game 7 in NBA history. However, Toronto sports fans are blessed.   Twice previously in the last 30 years, we’ve walked off as winners in … Read More

Will Trudeau step up to the plate?

Ontario, Canada’s largest province, has leadership fully supporting legalized single sport betting.   However, the Federal Liberals led by Trudeau need to act first. Explained by me for Sun Media online.

Canada Dropped the Ball on Sports Betting

As seen online for Sun Media Canada allows its provinces to run sports betting lotteries but it just dropped the ball on sports betting in a big way and now find themselves behind the USA.  Even though we are usually the more liberal country in terms of legalizing recreational drugs and abortion, our old fashioned sports betting views are about … Read More

Mayweather v Mcgregor – what would you do?

You are in charge of a large LV or online sportsbook.   When Mayweather v Mcgregor is announced you figure a non-boxer going up against the 49-0 all-time champ has almost no shot, but the public likes the dog, so you will ‘sucker’ people by giving them 20-1 on Mcgregor*.   Low and behold people flock to your 20-1 sucker … Read More

NFL Fantasy Selection – TOP TIP

There is ONE piece of sport-betting advice that is BEST applicable to NFL fantasy selections – FOCUS ON GAMES WITH HIGH OVER-UNDERS. If you understand this, you can skip the rest of this article, knowing you have a HUGE EDGE vs your opponents in BOTH season-long AND weekly fantasy. The explanation.   Here are the NFL game odds.   Each game … Read More

NFL Value – Bet Big Underdogs

The ‘Sharp Edge Approach’ is clear – bet against the popular team and there is value.  In the NFL it is easy to determine the popular side – see who is a big favourite with the point spread, then bet the underdog taking the points. Studying data from 2008-2011 (4 years), there were over 1000 regular season games and 156 with … Read More

The Trouble with Teasers

The Trouble with Teasers Generally speaking, betting teasers is not a good value proposition.* A teaser is a specific type of bet where you get extra points, but must pay extra odds. The most popular teaser is in the NFL, where a 2 team, 6 pt teaser requires the same -110 odds, or VIG as a normal bet.  But, 2 … Read More

NFL: Halftime Dynamics – O/U

Remember as a child when your father split a chocolate bar in half between you and your brother, you always got the SMALLER HALF? Without going into too much detail why I turned out the way I did, the bigger question remains: How can two halves not equal a whole? Well, this phenomenon doesn’t just exist in chocolate bar splits. … Read More

When Hedging Your Bets Makes Sense

HEDGING YOUR BETS – 3 TIMES TO DO IT Note: This is part 2.  I previously explained why hedging your bets is usually a bad financial decision. You are usually paying vig/juice/commission twice and are often getting the inferior side of the bet.  In the long run you are paying extra fees for no reason. However, there are 3 situations … Read More