Meet Harley Redlick

The Principal

Harley Redlick is the founder of Sharp Edge Picks and guides the content based on his philosophy – betting is about math, statistics, and logic. No BS. No picking based on feelings, teams are due to win, uncorrelated parlays, or other irrational concepts.

Harley Redlick

Focus is on value. Sportsbooks are smarter then your friends and the media and we find value figuring out who the fools are betting and bet the opposite way, taking advantage of the fact that the sportsbook’s goal is to balance action.
Harley’s educational background is ideally suited for sports betting – Economics Degree, Law Degree, MBA. He takes an analytical approach to sports betting, combining the theoretical book skills with 15 years of banking and business advisory experience, where he has focused on the practical issues surrounding risk management, credit, and capital raising.
Harley recently launched Osgoode Hall Law School’s inaugural Gaming Law Certificate
Picture the old school gambler, risking it all on a single impulse. PICTURE THE OPPOSITE. The Sharp Edge approach is patient and methodical. Find small edges and play them for sustainable amounts. Don’t go broke, learn, and prosper!!!
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