A Decade of Success

The Winning

Harley Redlick started Sharp Edge Picks after enjoying a successful decade wagering on ProLine, a sports lottery in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He bet against the government run OLG (Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation).
Below are some of Harley’s Sample Wins

March 2009

Harley capitalized on a hockey scorers game where betting underdogs with a star player was profitable. A very successful weekend resulted in a $131k win.

August 2011

Harley focused on home teams in the NFL preseason (value – road teams don’t bring their ‘a’ game) and longshot soccer ties (value – who bets and cheers for ties) and this translated into a $108k win.

July 2014

Harley capitalizes on some fantastic baseball opportunities and turns it into a big win!

April 2015

Harley exploited a newly designed soccer game, collecting $104k. The game allowed correlated parlays on soccer bets (combining ties and under the 2.5 total). It was eliminated by the OLG the following week.
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