Sports betting advic

Sports Betting Advice
The Right Approach to Sports Betting

The Key Concepts of Value Betting

Do you understand the odds? Do you understand the Sharp Edge Approach to sports-betting? Have you reviewed the 5X2 Commandments of sports-betting? How about the additional commandment? IF yes to all above – you are good to go! If not, please review and reach out with questions: Tags:betting, odds, sharp

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When Hedging Your Bets Makes Sense

HEDGING YOUR BETS – 3 TIMES TO DO IT Note: This is part 2.  I previously explained why hedging your bets is usually a bad financial decision. You are usually paying vig/juice/commission twice and are often getting the inferior side of the bet.  In the long run you are paying extra fees for no reason. However, …

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Hedging your Bets – Bad Financial Management

Note: This is part 1. Part 2 explores 3 specific situations where hedging may be prudent  We are all happy to be in the following 2 situations: 1: We bet an NFL team +3.5 and they are up 17-3 at the half and are 6 point underdogs in the second half. 2: We bet a 3 …

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There are NO LOCKS

“Give me a winner” – that’s all the desperate gambler is every looking for.  That one game he can chase to get even and he will NEVER get so stuck again.  Never!!!  Until the next time… We all have friends who hammer super big favourites, especially when they are stuck for the week, figuring they are …

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Its a Loss…. Sweet….

“Dave” was thrilled.  It was Sunday night and he was down $300 for the week betting sports.   Weird.  He was happy being down sports betting?  Was he a glutton for punishment?  Possibly.  But Dave was right to be happy and had adopted the Sharp Approach. Dave was stuck $900 Sunday morning as a few strong hockey …

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Additional Commandment of Sports Betting

The Sharp Approach – Setting Your Own Point Spread and Tracking Line Movements During the Week To break even (and possibly turn a small profit) as a sports bettor you must at least follow my 5×2 Commandments of Successful Sports Betting. 1a: Thou shall focus on winning money, not games 1b: Thou shall focus on the …

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Sportsbetting for a Living – Volatility

Sportsbetting for a Living: Fine Line Between ‘Professional’ and Tourist They say sports gambling is a very tough way to make an easy living.  It is so true.  In fact, due to volatility in betting, it could take years to determine if you are indeed a ‘professional’ or have a significant edge.  The example below …

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Last modified: December 4, 2023

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