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There are NO LOCKS

“Give me a winner” – that’s all the desperate gambler is every looking for.  That one game he can chase to get even and he will NEVER get so stuck again.  Never!!!  Until the next time…

We all have friends who hammer super big favourites, especially when they are stuck for the week, figuring they are due to win.  They often do, but it’s not worth the payout, or the sweat.

Take everyone’s buddy “Mickey”.  He is down $1k going into the last game of the week and sees a lock.   It is a huge favourite (Cavs in NBA, Pats in NFL, etc).   The moneyline is -600/+500, meaning Mickey has to risk 600 to win $100 on the fave.   Mikey reasons – how can the best team in the league, lose to a bad team? They can’t, IT’S A LOCK!!!!

Mickey risks $6k to win back the $1k he is stuck.  He CAN’T LOSE!!!  He knows how it will play out – he will get even watching the favourite crush the hopeless opponent while he’s sipping vodka at the bar.  Life will be great….

But, what happens if he loses?  He is stuck $7k (the original 1k and the 6k lost on the game).  All of a sudden a bad 1k loss has turned into a $7k nightmare – all because he chased with a huge favourite.  Big deal – he’s going to win.  It’s a lock!    There are NO LOCKS IN SPORTS!  Getting stuck money happens to anyone who bets.  The Sharp Edge bettor slows down when he is losing because he is not producing, the degenerate presses.

Make a choice – it’s yours – what type of gambler do you want to be???!!!

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Last modified: March 18, 2023